Become a COASA Athlete
Be part of something bigger.
What is COASA and what does an Athlete do?
COASA is a Community of Athletes selling Athletes high quality gear to support their Communities.
COASA Athletes bring people together through their common passion, and connect our communities to high quality brands and unique products.
COASA Athletes are a trusted resource to the members of the community, and provide expert recommendations to connect them to the right gear.
There are zero commitments, and you don’t ever have to hold inventory.  Everything you buy is for your own personal use, and is always at our Athlete pricing.  We encourage our Athletes to test as much gear as possible to better understand the gear we sell and why we stand behind it.
Why become an Athlete?
Apply and change your life!   
We are now accepting applications for Athletes for our New Jersey Community!
What do I need to do to become a COASA Athlete?
Fill out the application.  If your application is accepted you will receive an Athlete Contract and an order form giving you access to our athlete pricing on all products we sell.  You will also get access to all our tools and then you can start selling.
Are there any commitments?
None.  If you apply and decide you don’t want to purchase any gear that’s up to you.  If you get accepted and purchase some awesome gear at a great discount and decide you don’t want to sell, that’s up to you too.  Anything you purchase is your personal gear to keep and use.  Otherwise there are no commitments, or requirements.  You don’t need to purchase any inventory or stock any gear.  We handle everything all you need to do is sell, and start collecting your commission.
What happens if I apply and purchase some gear and don’t sell anything?
Nothing!   If you buy some gear and decide you don’t want to sell that’s totally up to you.  The gear is yours and you don’t have to do anything else.  In order to keep your Athlete status you need to make at least one sale every 6 months.  You are always welcome to re-apply if you lose your status.
Do I need to buy inventory? 
Absolutely not!
How much money can I make?
As much as you want!  There are no caps, actually quite the opposite.  The more you sell, the higher your commission rate, and the better the bonuses get.  Like we said…as much as you want!
How do I get paid?  
At the end of each period we will total up your sales, and determine your commission rate based on our fixed scale for that period.  At that point we will send you your check!  It's that easy.
Do I get a discount?
Yes!  You will receive the Athlete pricing on all the gear we sell, and you can make as many purchases as you want.  We will monitor your purchases to ensure only our Athletes get the discount. 
How does my client place an order?
There are 2 ways: 
1. Through our interactive catalog on our website a client can click on the links to make purchases directly.  There is a place at checkout to list their Athlete.
2. A client can order directly through their Athlete with our order from.  Once submitted we will generate an invoice that is sent directly to the client.  This is a great option if you are placing bulk orders for a larger group.
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