Our mission at COASA is to support our Communities by focusing on the Athletes, brands, and local environments. We achieve this through our network of Athletes selling Athletes high quality gear, tested and hand picked to meet their specific needs.
About our Communities
Each COASA Community represents a sport, but it's so much more than that.  Each Community encompasses the Athletes, brands, and local environments.  In order for a sport to continue to grow, the Community needs to grow, and it is our mission at COASA to provide that support.
About our Athletes
Athletes serve as the critical link that unites the Community, and embodies the passion that drives the sport and Community forward.  They connect the brands, fellow Athletes, and the local environments to ensure the growth of the Community.  Through their unique position in the Community an Athlete can connect the brands, and more specifically the high quality gear that each brand represents.  Since our Athletes are extension of COASA we carefully select them based on their contribution to their sport, and how they can bring that into a COASA Community.
About our Brands
COASA works with brands that share our mission.  This includes their attention to the needs of the Athletes, quality, sustainability, and how they give back to their sport.  COASA and our Athletes are an extension of these brands, and their products.  That’s why our extensive network of Athletes test all the gear we sell, and share their feedback within the Community.  We believe people shouldn’t have to rely on the feedback from strangers, instead our Athletes will utilize their own experiences and the collective experience of the Community to recommend the right gear to fit each individuals specific needs to ensure they can achieve their goals.
COASA Brand Partners:
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